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Option #1 – Pre-designed Ad: LaVilla Boosters will create an ad for you based on the size purchased.
Design previews are displayed below. Simply send in a photo(s) and a short, personalized message and we will create the ad for you. Note- All photos must be vertical for this option. Deadline Oct. 30


Option #2a – Create Your Own Ad: Design your own ad and provide your image for publication with the appropriate dimensions. Deadline Nov. 3
Option #2b – Create Your Own Ad using our template: Need assistance with sizing? Email us and we can send you a template with the correct dimensions. Design your own ad using our template and email the image for publication. Deadline Oct. 30


Email the below information to:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information
  • Student or business name
  • Selected ad size
  • Specify if you are using a Patron Ad


a) Pre-designed ad only:

  • Personalized text/copy
  • Photo(s) (vertical photos only)


b) Create Your Own:

  • Ad image


Please submit the following image files: .jpg, .png, .bpm


Program Ads

  • Visit the Program Ads page for details and to download the appropriate program ad forms.

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