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About Us

The arts are imperative to learning and development.

Since 2000, Jacksonville’s LaVilla School of the Arts has been providing a top-notch education in concentrated art fields and core academics to 6th-8th-grade students.  While all of the arts are valuable, the study of theater specifically fuels so much more than creativity and passion: our curriculum and leadership breeds critical thinkers, innovators, and problem-solvers. Our students unlock their potential and acutely develop communication and collaboration skills. 


LaVilla was built one block from Jacksonville's historic Ritz-Theatre, by design. The neighborhood once known as Jacksonville's arts hub, during its heyday drew jazz performers such as Duke Ellington and Sarah Vaughan. 

The first floor of LaVilla's building focuses on the arts, with the theater being at it's heart. Our theater can hold up to 700 people, with bleachers that ascend from the walls for added seating. Catwalks come down from the ceiling so students can walk above the stage and control the lighting. We also have a smaller theater, called a black box theater (traditionally painted black) used for teaching and experimental productions. We put on three productions each year: a fall musical, a cabaret show, and spring play. 


As a school with thriving art departments, our school uses boosters clubs in the same way traditional schools would use the PTA. We create a smaller, close-knit environment where faculty and parents meet to support each other. It takes a village to pull off our wonderful productions and we are grateful for the efforts of many volunteers and parents. Click here to read our By-Laws.

Be part of the team and volunteer with our Drama Boosters. If interested, or for more information
about our Board, Committees, Volunteers, please email us at

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