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Enrichment Fee

(or Nov. 30 if choosing the Installment option)




​​Did you know that public school dollars ONLY pay teachers' salaries and NOTHING else? If not for Enrichment Fees, there would be no scripts, not sets, no costumes, no workshops, etc.

Enrichment Fees are collected from each art area student. The fees  supplements the needs of their own Arts Department not covered by public school dollars. The amount for each Theatre student (Performance or Technical) varies based on the number of classes they are taking & needs within the department and it benefits all students. The funding is used to cover specialized classroom materials/supplies, equipment, master classes, workshops, paint, tools that facilitate daily operation, as well as subsidize ticket prices for our events so prices are not out of reach. Additionally, we would not be able to have any shows with our the support of our Enrichment Fees.  Please be aware that students who have not paid their Enrichment Fees will not be able to participate in workshops/ field trips.  We do offer an Installment option as we know back to school expenses can be overwhelming, so you can pay your fee over 3 months instead of all in August/Sept.  If you need more time, just reach out to


Enrichment fees for 2022-2023 are as follows:
*  $175 for students taking 2-3 theatre classes

*  $125 for students taking 1 theatre class

Payments can be made by clicking the button above or by check payable to the LaVilla Drama Boosters given to one of the Theatre teachers. 

Please include your child’s name and grade regardless of the payment option you choose.

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