Enrichment Fees are due! Pay Here
All drama students-majors and minors take a share in funding our program. While we also have a fundraiser, our productions, master classes, equipment etc come from a budget largely based on this.
$150 for Theatre Majors          
$75 for Theatre Minors

​12/2      Thespians

12/11    Deadline for Lion King Tix

12/11    Cabaret Rehearsal 3:30-4:55 pm

​​12/12    Cabaret Rehearsal 3:30-4:55 pm

​12/4      Booster Meeting 6:30 pm, Room 128

12/13    Cabaret Night, Friday Musicale

​1/18      Spring Play Auditions

​1/19      Spring Play Auditions


School Calendar


The next quarterly Booster Meeting Date will be Dec 4, 6:30 in Room 128.


Student Planners are available $7
This is a Drama Booster Fundraiser and an invaluable resource in getting your student off to organized school start. Ways to buy: New Student Orientation; Parent Orientation, NOW ONLINE

Upcoming Details

Artist Series Jax

The Lion King,Sunday, Feb 4 @ 6:30 pm  $43.00 Deadline: Dec 11.

Chicago, Sunday, May 20 @ 7 pm  $35.00 ​* Mature Content​
Deadline: April 20

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