Enrichment Fees are due! Pay Here
All drama students-majors and minors take a share in funding our program. While we also have a fundraiser, our productions, master classes, equipment etc come from a budget largely based on this.
$150 for Theatre Majors          
$75 for Theatre Minors

8/13        First Day of School

8/16        Invoices go out for enrichment fee

​8/18        Tech Day! Clean Up the theatre,
​               8 am-12 pm Students and Parents

​8/20        Fall Show Auditions 3:30-4:55 pm

8/21        Fall Show Call Backs 3:30-4:55 pm
8/21        LaVilla Theatre Parent Orientation 6:30 pm

8/23        Fall Show Call Backs  3:30-4:55 pm

8/24        Fall Show Call Backs  3:30-4:55 pm

8/25        1stRehearsal Fall Musical 3:30-4:55 pm

9/10        Booster Meeting 5:30 PM Board Room 128
9/11        All 8th Grade DA Trip

9/18        LaVilla Parent Theatre Class 6-7:30PM


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The next quarterly Booster Meeting Date will be Oct 22, 6:30 in Room 128

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